Special Projects

ASCO is also your partner if it comes to special projects like noise control or automation concepts. Your advantage is that ASCO provides and coordinates the complete solution so you do not have to worry about dealing with different suppliers. Please contact us with your project ideas and we will be pleased to help you.


Below please find some examples:

Noise control project at Daimler

ASCO has delivered a complete dry ice cleaning solution including noise control booth to Daimler. The noise control booth is in the motor assembly factory in Bad Cannstatt, where silicon residues are removed from motor parts by a dry ice blasting unit type ASCOJET 2001RS.

Before changing to dry ice cleaning, the motor parts were cleaned manually in a time intensive way. The dry ice solution provides a very efficient but still gentle cleaning method. The noise control booth means dry ice cleaning can be integrated into the working process without disturbing other work done in the same hall. The necessary work safety is assured by an associated CO2 exhaust unit with external control.



Automated mould cleaning

Automated mould cleaning project in the plastics industry. This robot technology can also be applied to cleaning other moulds like ingot moulds and core boxes.


Automated spraying on and removal of release agent in the PU-production

The robot can be programmed for spraying on the release agent and for removing it with dry ice. Such programming helps to spray on the release agent very specificely and to remove it from difficult areas. This way the use of release agent is reduced and the running time of the form increased.


Zurich Airport - Automated cleaning of landing lights

In the past the approx. 8'000 landing lights at Zurich Airport were cleaned manually in a tiring and time-consuming way. Now most of the lights are cleaned with the ASCOJET dry ice blasting procedure. Thanks to the automated cleaning solution the cleaning work can be done by a single person. The result is a remarkable time saving and more flexibility.

Vehicle with cleaning assembly:
The whole unit is arranged in a modular way so that vehicle, trailer and air compressor can also be used for other purposes. The cleaning assembly is very easy and fast to mount so that the unit can be ready quickly. The ASCOJET dry ice blasting unit and the air preparation unit are mounted on a steel frame. Blasting nozzle, sensor and camera are fixed on the side of the vehicle.

The position of the lights is recognised by the sensor. A pulse triggers the blasting process.  The camera directly above the blasting nozzle is the driver's guide.


Vereintes Know-how

ASCO und BUSE Gastek vereinen ihre Kräfte in der CO2-Prozess- und Trockeneistechnik.

Die deutsche BUSE Gastek GmbH & Co. KG mit Sitz in Bad Hönningen bringt ihre Geschäftsbereiche zum Bau von Anlagen zur Produktion und Rückgewinnung von CO2 sowie Trockeneistechnik in die ASCO KOHLENSÄURE AG ein.
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